About Artist

ubair Simab is a calligraphist and engineer living in Silicon Valley. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where his initial passion for calligraphy was sparked as a young boy. Since 1997, Zubair has delightfully returned to the tradition of calligraphy. Through his work, the correlation between calligraphy and engineering is evident. With a background in engineering from the School of Engineering at San Jose State University, his calligraphy shows a high attention to detail and technical mastery.

Zubair spends his free time on studying calligraphy. He is active in his local community and has participated in several exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay Area. While he occasionally teaches the art of calligraphy, his personal growth is ongoing and he considers himself a student in the ocean of writing beautifully.

Zubair is greatly influenced by Afghan Master Calligrapher Ustad Khatat Haft Qalaam (Seven Style Calligrapher), Aziz Ul-Deen Wakile and Ozchai brothers from Turkey. His writings are based on Farsi poetry, verses from the Quran, and traditional Farsi and Arabic expressions and proverbs. He writes in styles such as: Thuluth, Naskh, Nastal’liq, Shikasta, Deewani, and Mhaqqaq.




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